5 Best Video Chat Apps in India


In the era of Smartphones, Video chatting takes an advantage of cheaper rates of Internet plans as well as the speed we get. Lagging and call drops is now very less as compared with the latest time of the Smartphones. It is the result of combines effort of efficient compression algorithms combined with high-speed internet connectivity. With the growing popularity a lots of apps are available in the market which offers a number of facility and try to make themselves a unique provider to users of Android and iOS platforms.

Technology made it easy for the users of smartphones and it is just few clicks away to make video or face to face chat with your loved ones when you are at distance from them.
Here at TechieWink we collate best 5 Video Chat Apps that will use platform of Smartphones and listed below at one place.

Zoom Video App


It is due to the high competition in the technology, Zoom provide their users a powerful option to make video chats with many of the participants at a time.
The limit of the concurrent user that can participate is 100. User can experience high clarity video chat and excellent quality screen sharing and much more.
It is widely used in the corporate world where it will be a part of daily work.

Download : AndroidiOS

WhatsApp Video App


We all know the best chatting app among the friends or professional colleagues is WhatsApp. And Video Chat is also integrated with messaging feature to provide more comfort to their users. Well in the current scenario, it is one of the leading Video App among the Smartphones users as has millions and millions of users who are involved in tonne of video calls on a regular basis across the globe on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Download : AndroidiOSWindows

Facetime Video App


Facetime is the most popular video chatting app among the users of iOS platform. Facetime provide both the functionalities to their user as individual calls as well as group calling of up to 32 people at a single video and voice calls. The only restriction with this app is that this can be used by Apple users only. With the help of Facetime, you can make High Definition (HD) video calls up to 720p.

Download :  iOS

Google Duo Video App


Google Duo is the most latest and the most reliable one from Google to their users. It provide cross-platform functionality and will let you make calls across Android and iOS devices so there is bar of OS platform. User simply needs to Log in and verify their number and will be able to quick video call to their loved ones. Faster and reliable video calls regardless of Wi-Fi or mobile connection.

Download : AndroidiOS

Skype Video Chat


Skype, no need to give an introduction, brand name can describes all. We all are using Skype on our computer systems. Now, it is widely used by the smartphones user to make video and voice calls. You can make group calling with this app and the number of people that can connect at once is 50 and without paying any cost. Skype also capable to call any device, Skype, mobile, or landline.

Download : Android, iOS

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