List of Social Bookmarking Websites


SEO is revolving around the number of backlinks which is gained by website and we can say that it defines the value of your website. Social Bookmarking is one of the most effective way to get the quality backlinks and improve the ranking of your website and also to earn the domain authority and attract the traffic. Page rank is one of the measure from which we can judge the quality of the website and content in the website.

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Social Bookmarking is widely used by the SEO experts as it helps them to get the opportunity of making their content go viral and promote with the authority sites. The technique is simple behind the extensive use of Social Bookmarking websites as these sites are authoritative websites due to which the web crawlers must visit them continuously which in reverse help you by saying crawlers that you have updated a fresh and unique content at your website and invite them to crawl your website as well. This will definitely make indexing of your web pages faster.

These are some of the reason why we listed a number of Social Bookmarking websites here at TechieWink.

S.No Website Link Type
1 DoFollow
2 DoFollow
3 DoFollow
4 DoFollow
5 DoFollow
6 DoFollow
7 DoFollow
8 DoFollow
9 DoFollow
10 DoFollow
11 DoFollow
12 DoFollow
13 DoFollow
14 DoFollow
15 DoFollow
16 DoFollow
17 DoFollow
18 DoFollow
19 DoFollow
20 DoFollow
21 DoFollow
22 DoFollow
23 DoFollow
24 DoFollow
25 DoFollow
26 DoFollow
27 DoFollow
28 DoFollow
29 DoFollow
30 DoFollow
31 DoFollow
32 DoFollow
33 DoFollow
34 DoFollow
35 DoFollow
36 DoFollow
37 DoFollow
38 DoFollow
39 DoFollow
40 DoFollow

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