SEO Guide – Basics Understanding Part 1


As the demand for online business increases, importance of SEO will also increase. To meet the demand, we should know about the SEO basics and the techniques we can use to implement and how does it works? What are the basic terminologies used in SEO? We have made a series for learning the basics of SEO and explain the importance for business or the users. Lets start..

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What is SEO?

SEO is a short form of Search Engine Optimization. In short, SEO will help to optimize the website to get the quality and quantity of the traffic which is organic and unpaid as this traffic will come to the website by results from the pages of Search Engines. When you think of SEO then everyone should know that it involves certain modifications in the websites as well as the way to present the web pages to the visitors. In the process of SEO, we have to work on the website or web pages of site to attract the search engines and follow their guidelines which can be changes time to time.

For the first thing you should be aligned with the niche at which you want to work upon. Another thing that is most important in the process of SEO is Content, most of the big search engines will act as they are in love with the fresh and quality of the content in a web page. If your content is good then search engines have your goodwill in their eyes and loves you the most which in return show web pages of your website in the top results on the search engine results page.

Despite of a single and short word SEO, it includes many things within itself. To survive in the race with the Online competitor you should about the what people searching for, what language or words they are using to search for your website and also what type of information they would like to see at your place. Gathering and applying these information to you SEO process will definitely let you connect with your search engine as well as visitors with much stronger bond and provide them a better experience. To win the game you should know about your competitors so that you can make yourself unique in order to provide service to your visitors and convert them into your success.

What are Search Engines?

Search engines are playing the role to make a connection between you and your visitors. They act like an answer machine. They have the capability to scan billions of pieces of content and can evaluate a number of factors in order to get the most likely answers for the queries raised in their search box.

Search engines uses the process of crawling and indexing to discover and catalogue all the information available over the internet. When anyone type their queries and hits the search button they will go through the catalogue and display the best matching result on the result pages.

Search engine always try to provide the best service to their users and it will be done by providing the most relevant content for which they are looking for and searching. So for a website quality is not the only thing that a website needs to deliver but the relevancy of the content is equally important.

For any business it is also proven a key point to attract the relevant visitors to their website so that they can convert into the successful lead. In order to get the relevant visitors, we should need to present our content in front of the right people. So providing the optimized content to the search engines and display the same at the top of the search results plays an important role in getting benefits from the websites.

Search Engines always define rank to the websites by ordering them on the basis of how  well it matches the query in a process. Due to this, a website can be judge as on the basis of ranking. Ranking is a different and a very vast topic in context of Search Engine Optimization and we will discuss this further in a different post.

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