Android 11 Beta Version Latest Features


Google lift the curtains from the latest version of Android for the smartphones with the name Android 11. It is beta version for Android mobiles and it is roll out only for the Pixel devices as of announcement from the Google. So the owners of the other branded smartphones will need to wait for some more days for the new update to their devices. It will come to you shortly.

However initial the rumors for cancelling its annual developer conference this year due to Covid-19 pandemic and the protests in the US over George Floyd’s death. It seems that Google is now focused delicately for the theme of privacy, people and control in the latest Android 11 beta version. So this statement means that users should not expects too much changes in the interface or features Google Android 11 just try polish their existing features that must makes you feel better experience.

To analyse the development of Android 11 that have been made, you have to go through the below content atleast. So lets read the theme of Android theme modifications one by one.

People: Try to make the latest Android version people-centric and rethink the things that makes our conversation much better that may include recognizing and prioritizing the most loved people in our life.

  • Conversation notifications: Google is going to redesign the representation of conversations and chats due to which both grasp a totally new section which is dedicated to the above part of the notification shade. Android 11 also differentiate the notifications that actually come with an alert and silenced ones. This will change the way of opening conversations and create its shortcut on the home screen.

  • Bubbles: This is the way which we talked about in the above statement. Conversation will be open in the chat bubble which will definitely amaze you against the traditional way to show that things. This help the users to be multitasking and keep their conversations showing while doing other work on the device. Tap them and they expand to a text box in which you can reply. It is something reminds you of the chat boxes of Facebook and Google hangout.
  • Voice Access: If you are a smartphone use from a long time then you should know about the Voice Access for Android that entertains you by providing control you device with your own voice then this feature will not surprise you anymore. Google try to add some better experience through “on-device visual cortex”. This will help the device to understand the screen content and context, and produces labels and access points for accessibility commands.

Controls: In this category, majorly we have to 2 things which are enhanced.

  • Device Controls: This is totally a new one for the Android users. Quick Access Device Controls feature, which will be starting in Android 11 let their users to access and control their connected devices more easily. This will be enable by pressing Power button for some long. Device control feature make it available to the user quickly view and control external devices such as lights, thermostats, and cameras from the Android power menu.
  • New Media Controls: Android 11 re-defines that way how media controls are displayed to make more easy and convenient. Users are now able to restart previous sessions from the carousel and there is no need to start the app at all. When playback begins, the user can connect with well designed media controls as per the traditional way.

Privacy: Google always look into the advancement for the privacy of their users. This is the reason Android 11 provides more control over the sensitive permissions.

  • One-time permission: Unlike previous version, Android 11 provides more flexibility to grant permission for access to location, microphone, and camera. User are now able to give a temporary access to these features of the smartphone and it will possible with the feature of one-time permission.
  • Permissions auto-reset: It is intelligence of the Android 11 which sense the apps which are not used for a long time and do not need any permissions. Due to this intelligence, Android will auto reset the permission for the apps which are not used for extended period of time.
  • Background location Access: Android 11 twist the way how users can allow the background location permission to apps. To know more click here.

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