Cloud Computing and Its Benefits for Business


There is practical scenario where you want to setup your business of an Application which requires lots of IT things including to run that application over the internet to expose it worldwide. Along with this idea you will need to think about the servers, storage, dedicated network and application security along with a proper infrastructure to accommodate them all.

There are 2 disadvantages to go with this approach. One is the initial setup is very expensive and your application is not success into the market and the other is if the application becomes successful in the market then you will need extra hardware and other things to meet with the demand.
In both the scenarios, Cloud Computing helps you a lot and here we detailed out.

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Cloud computing is consider to be on demand computing services that includes hardware, software, databases, networking, analytics, and intelligence and all these things is the responsibility of service provider over the internet. Customers just need to pay the amount for the cloud services that they use only. There is no need to pay a huge lumpsum amount of the hardware and the infrastructure. This will help you to lower the operating cost and responsibility to manage all these things.

Below are the list of services for which provider is responsible:

  • Compute power – such as Linux servers or web applications
  • Storage – such as files and databases
  • Networking – such as secure connections between the cloud provider and your company
  • Analytics – such as visualizing telemetry and performance data

To summarize, Cloud Computing is Renting Resources on Another Company’s Computers!

Benefits of Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing proved to be a big evolution in the industry of internet and change the traditional way of business with the help of IT resources. Benefits are depend on the nature of the company that are using it. Some of the benefits of Cloud computing are listed here.

Most important part in this conversation. It helps to eliminate the expenses of hardware and software procurement, infrastructure needed to setup the entire setup and their maintenance. Customer just need to pay of the service which they are using over the internet.

It helps customers to scale their business needs that suits the situation . It provides flexibility to the customer so that they can use that service according to their present scenario. Customers can start and stop the utilization of the services instead of buying and installing expensive upgrades.

Cloud Computing service providers are dedicated to the security of their services. They offers their customers with the broad set of policies and implemented latest technologies to ensure the safety of the data at their datacenters. The system will be equipped with automated process software upgradation.

Cloud computing is reliable as provide implement all the measures to make their more effective. They must provide data backup, disaster recovery by the help of data mirroring. These type of service are available 24X7 maintaining an uptime of 99.9% along with the customer care.

In the today’s world of IT, Cloud computing id the latest and reliable service that provider offers to the business that will suit to all types of IT requirement of the customers. It helps the businesses to make a step forward and grow with the enhanced pace in the worldwide market.

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