5 Top Popular YouTubers of India


Youtube is most popular in the social channel for the people who are interested in providing entertainment to their viewers. These interested people named as Youtubers now. They are very popular among the common viewers. The ranking or you can say the popularity measure from the number of subscribers. The one who have most subscribers will win the game and also make more money.One most important thing in this game is that the list of popular YouTubers only consists of the individual YouTubers and does not include any channels like…

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5 Best Video Chat Apps in India


In the era of Smartphones, Video chatting takes an advantage of cheaper rates of Internet plans as well as the speed we get. Lagging and call drops is now very less as compared with the latest time of the Smartphones. It is the result of combines effort of efficient compression algorithms combined with high-speed internet connectivity. With the growing popularity a lots of apps are available in the market which offers a number of facility and try to make themselves a unique provider to users of Android and iOS platforms.…

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Corona Kavach App for Android Users in India

corona kavach app

The whole World is facing an issue which is called Coronavirus or Covid-19 and India is now a victim of this virus. Number of infected people increases day by day. The Government of India realized the severity of the virus and take all the necessary steps to get rid of the Coronavirus. In this context, recently on Techiewink we informed the users of new WhatsApp service started by the Government which is named as MyGov Corona Helpdesk. Now, Meity (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) which is an Indian government…

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MyGov Corona Helpdesk – Coronavirus Information on WhatsApp


As Covid-19 makes its impacts strong in the world, the Government of India also take the basic as well as important steps to reduce the panic among people of their country. To step forward in this direction, the Central Government takes the support of WhatsApp on Friday and officially launched a chatbot and named this as MyGov Corona Helpdesk that will be available to all the WhatsApp users. To make the use WhatsApp chatbot easier, the Indian Government tries to keep it simple in which the user is only needs…

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Coronavirus – Advisories from the Government to Avoid Infection

Covid-19, Coronavirus

Coronavirus ,which is popularly known as Covid-19, is a new virus that impact the whole world and it is originated from Wuhan city of China. China detect this deadly virus in December 2019. Coronaviruses considered as zoonotic, that means it will get transmitted between animals and people. It is seen that the common signs of this infection includes respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and may cause breathing difficulties. If we talk about the intense cases, pneumonia may be cause of this virus, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure…

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How To Download Video From YouTube

Download videos, Youtube Videos

Youtube, which is consider as first Home for the latest videos. Youtube displays the videos of all categories and it is the reason of their popularity on the web so that every video lover has an account on Youtube.com and Youtube becomes the first choice of them. Download the video clips from Youtube could be beneficial in various ways to the users as it may be an alternative to enjoy the video when they have no access to Youtube. The only option that must be adopted is to download that…

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