SEO Guide – Basics Understanding Part 1


As the demand for online business increases, importance of SEO will also increase. To meet the demand, we should know about the SEO basics and the techniques we can use to implement and how does it works? What are the basic terminologies used in SEO? We have made a series for learning the basics of SEO and explain the importance for business or the users. Lets start.. Read: List of Social Bookmarking Websites What is SEO? SEO is a short form of Search Engine Optimization. In short, SEO will help…

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List of Social Bookmarking Websites


SEO is revolving around the number of backlinks which is gained by website and we can say that it defines the value of your website. Social Bookmarking is one of the most effective way to get the quality backlinks and improve the ranking of your website and also to earn the domain authority and attract the traffic. Page rank is one of the measure from which we can judge the quality of the website and content in the website. Read About: Online Tools To Check Content Duplicacy Social Bookmarking is…

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Cloud Computing Models | Types of Services


Now the days, Cloud Computing is a vast term that becomes heart for the business because this provide business a flexibility to choose according to their need or you can say their business needs when it comes to hardware for their online existence. This can be considered as the way to let business focus on what matters the most for them and avoid the challenges they have to face in the hardware procurement, maintenance, and capacity planning. There are different service models for technology of cloud computing that may help…

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Tata Nexon Reviews | Specifications


When its about car then safety should be the first criteria to choose the model but again style and design will makes its priority to attract the users. This time Tata introduce its compact SUV segment with a fine combination of safety measures as design that attracts and suits the requirement of the car lovers and the name is already hit market by Tata Nexon. SEE ALSO: Top Cars Under 10 Lakhs in India Tata is a brand name in the market of automobiles and Tata Nexon will add more…

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5 Top Popular YouTubers of India


Youtube is most popular in the social channel for the people who are interested in providing entertainment to their viewers. These interested people named as Youtubers now. They are very popular among the common viewers. The ranking or you can say the popularity measure from the number of subscribers. The one who have most subscribers will win the game and also make more money.One most important thing in this game is that the list of popular YouTubers only consists of the individual YouTubers and does not include any channels like…

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Android 11 Beta Version Latest Features


Google lift the curtains from the latest version of Android for the smartphones with the name Android 11. It is beta version for Android mobiles and it is roll out only for the Pixel devices as of announcement from the Google. So the owners of the other branded smartphones will need to wait for some more days for the new update to their devices. It will come to you shortly. However initial the rumors for cancelling its annual developer conference this year due to Covid-19 pandemic and the protests in…

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Cloud Computing and Its Benefits for Business


There is practical scenario where you want to setup your business of an Application which requires lots of IT things including to run that application over the internet to expose it worldwide. Along with this idea you will need to think about the servers, storage, dedicated network and application security along with a proper infrastructure to accommodate them all. There are 2 disadvantages to go with this approach. One is the initial setup is very expensive and your application is not success into the market and the other is if…

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Best 5 Selfie App for Android Smartphones


In the last few years, the trend of photos or pictures is changed a lot in the market of MobilePhones. Selfie has become popular these days and this trend is not bounded to the age restrictions. Every Android smartphone user is now a selfie lover and this will include famous personality like celebrities, corporate people and even politicians. Most of the time front camera decide the quality of smartphones and enjoy to take selfies individually or in a group. Latest app will add top up to that trend. So if…

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Maruti Suzuki Baleno Review | Specifications


At the time when Maruti Suzuki tries to provide their customers an entry level of premium hatchback then 5 seater Baleno is the name comes into the picture. The company decides to retail Maruti Suzuki Baleno from the Maruti’s premium Nexa outlet and introduced Baleno with Petrol and Diesel engines. It was also decided to add a petrol-electric mild hybrid to the Baleno line-up. In the last year, Maruti Suzuki also claims that they introduced the Next Generation Smart Hybrid technology with the combination of New DUALJET, DUAL VVT engine…

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Maruti Suzuki Swift Review | Specifications


As always, looking into the need of Middle class people, Maruti Suzuki try to get all their technology into the new model of Swift series, With their expertise, Maruti launched new Model of Swift at a very reasonable prices in India which starts from ₹ 5.19 Lakh and goes upto ₹ 8.02 Lakh. While Petrol variant has price range of between ₹ 5.19 Lakh – ₹ 8.02 Lakh. As I said about the expertise of Maruti in the Auto market, they know how to makes it presence felt to their…

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